[Faberyayo & Vjeze Fur]
All the imma get my, from Miami to Hamburg
You know what’s funny? Everytime I’m in Hamburg, I always say: Wow, I love it there, but where’s Cheeseburg?”
I, he always said it, he always said it
It’s true, you always said it, yeah
Berlin, Schnitzeltown
Miami, Schnitzeltown
New York, Schnitzeltown
Get down, Schnitzeltown
Ibiza, Schnitzeltown
Germany, Schnitzeltown
Nein, Sauerkrauttown hahahaha
I always wondered, there’s a Hamburg, but why isn’t there a Schnitzeltown?
Germany is such a crazy place
Omg, I can really feel the bassline moving around in the underside of my stomach like butterflies trying to make penis hard for make whoopie
Is model prostitute whore boy or maybe girl round here for making movoe?
Entschuldigung, tut mir leid, leider, aber haben Sie whoopee?
Ooh my god, we’re gonna do crazy party tonight
We fly back in time